Culture Center in Dukla

A cultural institution conducting socio-cultural activity in the Dukla Muicipality. The Center runs out-of-school activities and undertakes educational and cultOśrodek Kultury w Dukliural initiatives for children, youth and adults, including: cultural workshops, music, dance, art classes, performances, games, exhibitions and more. In 2016, the University of the Third Age was launched at the center. The Culture Center in Dukla is also the organizer of artistic reviews and competitions, as well as permanent events addressed both to the residents of the StScommune and tourists: Dukla Days, Christmas fairs, Sobótki, Holiday End and others.



Cross-border Cultural Exchange Center


St. Trakt Węgierski 38

Tel. no./fax: +48 13 43 300 25, 662 054 407


web site:


Spectacular Hall 


St. Kościuszki 4

38-450 Dukla